Crossover Vehicles

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A crossover is a vehicle built on a car-based platform and combines the features of a sport utility vehicle or SUV and of a station wagon. Crossover vehicles follows the unibody construction common to passenger vehicles, and has design features like tall interior packaging, high ground clearance, and all wheel drive option, which is particular to SUVs. One notable aspect of a crossover vehicles is that it handles like a car and consumes fuel like one as well, so it is very favorable to drive especially when current fuel prices are all soaring high.

Honda CR-V Crossover

Unlike pick-ups or SUVs which are built using a body-on-frame construction, a crossover vehicle features a unibody construction. This combines the body and the frame into a single unit, and has structural components designed into the body so the separate parts like the chassis and powertrain are just directly mountable. It saves a lot on weight, unlike the body-on-frame construction, where the frames add a lot more weight to the whole vehicle.

The drawback for best crossover cars with a unibody is that its unable to tow as much as a body-on-frame vehicles. This is why you don’t expect crossover vehicles to haul heavy loads. Chevrolet was able to come up with crossover cars with good towing power. The Chevrolet Traverse is capable of towing loads upwards of 5000 pounds, a great figure for unibody crossovers.

All wheel drive capability

All wheel drive systems are on-demand systems that can shift power from the front driving wheels to the rear wheels in case of low wheel traction, especially when roads are wet and slippery. There are also crossover vehicles with full time all-wheel drive systems, and this sends power

Subaru Forester Crossover

to all the wheels all the time. This enhances grip and control of the vehicles, which is why owners find them easy to drive. However, not all sport utility vehicles are equipped with the all wheel drive feature, and this is mostly due to pricing reasons. Base models like the Ford Edge only feature a front wheel drive.

Crossover Vehicles Fuel efficiency

One great thing about crossovers is that they’re very fuel efficient. Even though they’re built like SUVs or station wagons, their fuel consumption is comparable to a car. The unibody design makes this vehicle relatively light, so it really doesn’t require a lot of fuel to cover great distances. Crossovers from Hyundai and Kia are fuel efficient brands, but crossover vehicle comparison shows that the most fuel efficient SUV is the Ford Escape Hybrid. This best SUV crossover cars can go for 32 miles per gallon.

There are a lot of things to consider when getting the best crossover vehicle, but choosing the best SUV to buy is still up to you. It depends on your needs and your taste, as some would often go for fuel efficiency over design or even brand name over fuel efficiency.

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