Crossover Vehicles

Crossover Cars Giving the Best of Both Worlds

Crossover cars are the solution for the people who are looking for vehicles big enough to carry their family but not be as gas-guzzling as its larger counterparts. These offer the best of both worlds: having the versatility and ease of handling of a car as well as the appearance of a sports utility vehicle, or SUV.

Kia Sportage Crossover SUV
Kia Sportage Crossover SUV

Crossover cars can have various appearances. The most common form is that of a small SUV, but there are also crossovers that resemble big hatchbacks. Luxury crossover vehicles usually carry V6 engines, although some are known to bear V8 machines, and have a passenger car chassis. The seats are usually high to provide a better view. These also have large cargo and seating areas, some able to provide for eight people. 

These features make crossovers a good stylish alternative for the station wagons or vans as a family vehicle.

Compare SUV with a crossover and you can immediately see the differences between the two. SUV Comparison aren’t just attractive and efficient, they are also very economical. Even the best used SUV can be set aside after a period of time because it is too expensive to maintain. Crossover vehicles are very cheap to own, not only because they cost less than SUVs, but also because they consume less gas.

Some of the best crossover SUV include:

* Ford Escape. The Ford Escape remains to be the best-selling Ford crossovers in America. It’s not surprising, given that the driving experience it gives is only matched by its gorgeous exterior.

Nissan Armada Crossover
Nissan Armada Crossover

* Ford Edge. Driving the Ford Edge is like handling a luxury car. It boasts of an all-wheel drive, and it also has a quiet interior for those who appreciate the silence while they’re on the road.

Nissan CR-V 2016 Crossover SUV
Nissan CR-V 2016 Crossover SUV

* Honda CR-V. The Honda CR-V remains to be one of the best crossovers that has ever been released, especially since new and improved versions constantly come out almost yearly.

* Honda Pilot. The pilot is a large crossover SUV that carry a V-6 engine. The car has good driveability, and like other crossovers, it consumes much less fuel compared to large SUVs.

* Nissan Murano. The New Murano is one of the best-selling vehicles of Nissan the past years has seen, after the revamped version came out with a snappier appearance and better performance. These cars are available in more than 130 countries.

With crossover vehicles, you no longer have to sacrifice form for size or economy for efficiency.

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